Come discover the career of Saint Même les Carrières

On the road to the Lot, in the heart of the Grande Champagne and its famous Cognac, Saint Même les carrières is a small town that shares its land between the vineyard and limestone. The exploitation of limestone ceased in the 70s. , the water table is infiltrated in the depths of the quarries. The area is simply grandiose.

To come to Saint Même les carrières, just fill in the form and send by email  the scan of your medical certificate and your level cards. The dive schedules is at the bottom of the page. Do not hesitate to ask for dates that suit you, we will do our best to please you. To be taken into account, you must provide the first names postal addresses and mobile phones, as well as the scan of level cards, caving levels and medical certificates of each diver. Finally, a few days before the dive a summary email about the organization of the dive is sent to participants.

The appointment before the descent into the quarry is at 9:00 in the main square of the village.


Diving in Saint Même les Carrières

It is an underground site, so it's dark ... think about taking your frontal and what to light around your car if you plan to spread.
The air and water are cool all year, come covered (dry suit recommended) with a good pair of gloves. For the exit of the water, the polar and the cap are of putting.

If you want to keep your car clean, plan what to protect your carpets, limestone dust once wet is stubborn. If you stay with us for lunch, please take a pair of clean shoes to avoid vandalizing the floors of our guests.

The caving configuration is required for non-free surfaces, but it is possible to discover the atmosphere without putting the head under the orange loop, in which case a monobloc is enough, with double valves and double regulators.

The max depth is very reasonable, most dives are on a background of 10 - 15 meters, however the space is large, the scooter is welcome.

Soon there will be inflation, air and 200 bars only.



The topos were made in the 1990s, they must be completed on the parts still unmapped and son of the time were replaced by the color courses. Come back to see them, they complement each exit.
The lower networ

Some historical photos of Saint Même les Carrières


The midday meals are taken during the week at the cafe des carrières, practice walking on foot. The weekend you have to go to Cognac a few minutes by car.


Near the quarries, accustomed to receiving divers you will find

    "Chez Anne": bilingual English / French

    at "Cul d'Anon": it is possible to deposit a compressor without disturbing the neighborhood

A little further on the commune there is also

    "The courtyard of the bells"

    "At the Ascaux"

All around Saint Even Careers, you will also find a large number of high quality airbnb, country of Cognac requires.


Calendar of the outings and registration


Opening dates are noted in the release schedule. Once you have chosen a date, book your dive on the Boutik.

For special wishes, weekdays, evenings, contact us to arrange a date.

Your registration is validated upon receipt


Scan (image in .jpg .jpeg .png format) of your level map; your medical certificate valid on the day of the dive and your license or insurance; to send from the "Mes documents de plongées" page

 Rules of diving (s) on the Boutik

 From the registration file to be completed below


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